The National Lymphedema Network is proud to present the 2023 NLN Conference Lymphological Investigations and Exploration held at the Loews Philadelphia Hotel October 4-8.

The conference theme represents the NLN as an organization where curiosity, innovation, and exploration are held in high esteem. These values lead to advancement in lymphology which ultimately improves the lives of people with lymphedema. Areas of clinical focus include wound care, head and neck lymphedema, and sexology. Discoveries related to central lymphatics and microsurgery for neurologic conditions will also take center stage. We hope you will give us the opportunity to take you on this year’s journey with us.

Five wonderful days of learning and networking and an unforgettable conference experience are all we can promise. Thank you so much to all our sponsors, whose tremendous support makes our meeting possible. Thank you to all the clinicians, researchers, patient advocates, and everyone in the Lymphology community. We appreciate your time, your energy, and your passion.

We look forward to welcoming you all in Philadelphia.