What would you do with the power of Quantum computing?
Join industry pioneers on a journey into the realm of untapped possibilities.

A virtual event with a in-person event for the finalists
5th October – 15th November: Online Hackathon
28th November 2023: In-person demo day in Clermont-Ferrand

PASQAL, pioneers of quantum with a nobel-prize winning team, will provide participants exclusive access to their technologies, data and more.

We’re inviting all thinkers from different industries and sectors to come forward and help brainstorm ideas around regenerative quantum physics and processors.

Let’s shed light on this groundbreaking field, help gain interest and drive innovation.

Participants will be asked to tackle use cases around various topics such as Drug discovery, Safe and sustainable transport, sustainable cities, Smart grids, Low-consumption/energy-efficient AI.

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05 Oct 2023, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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