Some of the changes to be reviewed are Hypertensive Chronic Kidney Disease (I12.-), Hypertensive Heart And Chronic Kidney Disease (I13.-), and Hypertensive Heart Disease (I11.-). Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy (G00-G99), Osteoporosis With Fractures (M00-M99),  and A41 (Other Sepsis).

The U chapter includes updated instructions for U07.1 (COVID-19). Ever More new codes in the V and W chapters – including some specificities on accidents and injuries. And there are more Z codes, such as Z63.5 Disruption of the family by separation and divorce, and Z72.5- High-risk sexual behavior.

Areas Covered

  • The new and revised ICD-10 code which goes into effect Oct 1, 2023
  • The new coding guidelines in order to code accurately
  • The 395 new diagnosis codes, deletions, and revisions
  • Know how to find the new code set links

The annual 2024 ICD-10 Code Set is mandatory. There are many changes in it.