8th World Nursing and Nursing Care Congress Radisson Blu Hotel Champs Elysées, Paris

PULSUS takes immense pleasure in inviting all the participants from across the globe to attend 8th World Nursing and Nursing Care Congress during April 11-12, 2022 in Paris, France. This comprises of keynote presentations, verbal talks, productive poster presentations and exhibitions providing insights to the significance and proficiency of Nursing and Healthcare.

Nursing Care Congress 2022 Conference features the theme Innovative Approaches in Nursing Practice and Healthcare is an event intended to provide an exclusive platform for new researchers, scholars, nurses, health care professionals, surgeons, physicians, students and educators to show case their novel ideas and examine the latest developments, trends and key concerns received in the field of nursing and health care. The two days of educational program will incorporate keynote, oral presentations, and poster presenters on the propelled techniques as well as papers in all the fields of nursing in health care. Nursing Care Congress 2022 conference intends to explore advances in nursing practice, health care management and education in relation to health disparities as well as a breadth of other topics. Nursing Care Congress 2022 will provide an opportunity for nursing practitioners and nurse educators to exchange research evidence, models of best practice and innovative ideas. It is a platform for nursing students, faculty, deans, researchers, and leaders to collaborate on topics affecting nursing education.

Attendees can:

Take advantage of opportunities to learn insights about Nursing and Health Care from a variety of oral and poster presentations.
Meet and network with nurses ranging from students to deans, faculty, and researchers.
Take advantage of opportunities to collaborate with nurses from around the world.
Attend prominent plenary sessions about relevant issues affecting nursing care and the recent techniques adapted in nursing care.
Target Audience:

Nurse Practitioners
Health Care Professionals
Professors, Researchers, Students and Technical Staff from the field of nursing
Delegates from various industries
Directors/Co-Directors of Research based companies in Nursing
Physician Assistants
Young researchers