CPMAI certification is the fastest growing certification for AI & ML project managers. CPMAI v6.0 training and certification is designed for project managers and those involved with AI projects looking to enhance their skill set and learn how to manage AI and advanced data projects with a proven, best practices methodology. Whether you are a student, currently in between jobs, looking to move to a project management role, or are an established project manager, CPMAI certification is for you.

The CPMAI methodology is the industry’s best practice methodology for successful AI & ML projects. Cognilytica’s CPMAI training and certification prepares you for a career in AI and ML project management, giving you the tools you need to succeed with your AI & ML efforts, whether you’re just beginning your AI project management journey or are well down the road with implementation. Cognilytica’s CPMAI Certification is appropriate for people with different roles and levels of expertise.

CPMAI is a vendor-neutral certification. Unlike AI project management approaches from technology vendors or other third party providers, CPMAI provides a scalable, proven approach that supports technology solutions across the diverse ecosystem. Evolving from hundreds of real-world implementations, CPMAI methodology is optimized for the delivery of in-production, high value, successful AI projects.

CPMAI is best-practices based and data-centric. CPMAI is best-practices based, proven in real-world adoption, and based on CRISP-DM and Agile methodologies. Learn from others’ successes and failures.

Increase your value. Get certified in CPMAI today and add the fastest growing, most valuable AI project management certification to your resume and skill set today. Join thousands of CPMAI certified individuals and hundreds of organizations looking to hire skilled AI Project managers. The CPMAI certification provides a tangible increase in skills, pay, and contract value to those who have the latest CPMAI certification. The CPMAI certification is trusted, well respected, high value, and provides a high ROI, providing a way to become certified project management in AI. Those who are CPMAI certified on average see an increase of over $16k in salary or project contract value which provides a powerful positive ROI.

All-inclusive CPMAI training and certification. The CPMAI Training and Certification fee is all-inclusive, providing all necessary online, self-paced learning, supporting materials including workbook and downloadable training materials, self-graded exercises to make sure you’re understanding the material presented as well as the end of course certification exam, and one year membership to the CPMAI professionals community starting at time of training enrollment.

Join the fastest growing community of AI and data project management professionals – By getting your CPMAI certification you are joining the fastest growing certification for running and managing AI projects, growing over 200% a year. Being CPMAI certified lets employers know you’re serious about AI project management, and lets peers know you have the skill set and knowledge needed to manage AI projects. Become part of this community and get access to detailed, relevant, continuously updated, and in-depth knowledge and tools that will make you more successful.

Certification and Training Details: CPMAI Certification Course is twenty two (22) hours of instruction plus exercises

Certification and training pricing: $1995 per person for virtual self-paced training. Certification fee & training materials included in price.

27 Sep - 30 Sep 2022, 11:30 am - 1:00 pm