7th International Academic Economics and management conference Roehampton University, Elm Grove Conference Centre, London

Explore the newest discoveries and trends in the world of management and economics at management conference 2023. With learning and collaboration at the forefront, we seek to provide a quality educational experience to all our attendees that transcends all geographical boundaries.

Witness our most versatile and informative event yet, with attendees coming in globally. In the previous years, we had participants from countries like the UK, Poland, Iraq, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Romania, and China. While the pandemic did force us to move online for a couple of years, we still maintained the quality and efficiency that the attendees have come to expect over the years and received stellar reviews.

Engage in discussions with globally renowned academics, thought leaders, scholars, and industry professionals about the current economics and management conference and future in these disciplines. Join in the discourse about the common grievances faced, and the probable solutions that can be executed here. You may even use this opportunity to present your work, get published, or advance your career in other ways!