Uniting Women Living with HIV Conference 2023 1725 I Street NW Suite 300, Washington DC, 20006, Washington DC

Event Title: EmpowerHer: Uniting Women Living with HIV

Event Description:
ICW (International Community of Women living with HIV) is proud to present “EmpowerHer: Uniting Women Living with HIV,” a transformative event aimed at empowering and uplifting women living with HIV from around the world. This groundbreaking gathering will provide a supportive and inclusive space for women to share their experiences, knowledge, and strategies, fostering a sense of sisterhood and resilience.

Event Highlights:

Inspirational Keynote Speakers: Renowned advocates and experts in the field of HIV and women’s empowerment will share their stories and insights, providing inspiration and motivation to all attendees.

Panel Discussions: Engaging panel discussions will cover a range of topics, including access to healthcare, stigma reduction, self-care, mental health, reproductive rights, and strategies for empowerment. Expert panelists will share their expertise and engage in dynamic conversations with participants.

Workshops and Skill-Building Sessions: Interactive workshops will focus on enhancing practical skills, including advocacy training, leadership development, self-empowerment techniques, and navigating the healthcare system. Participants will have the opportunity to develop new skills and gain knowledge to strengthen their capacity as advocates for change.

Peer Support Circles: Facilitated peer support circles will create a safe space for women living with HIV to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. These circles will promote solidarity, friendship, and emotional well-being, fostering a supportive community of women who understand and uplift one another.

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21 Aug - 25 Aug 2023, All Day

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