Several types of molecules are often measured by single-cell multi-omics methods, providing deeper biological knowledge than can be obtained by examining each molecular layer from different cells. With the use of these single-cell multi-omics technologies, it is possible to identify cellular heterogeneity at several molecular levels within a population of cells as well as the coupling or dissociation of this variation between the collected omic layers.

The principles of Single Cell have established themselves as invaluable tool for medical research and novel diagnostic techniques. Current developments in single-cell technologies have created new possibilities for indicating the heterogeneity of tumour cells inside them, identifying unusual cell types, determining the degree of mutation, and eventually directing diagnosis and therapy options.

The use of omics technology aids in the thorough analysis of genome biology (genomics), proteins (proteomics), and RNA molecules (transcriptomics), all of which are employed in the discovery and development of new drugs. Thus, it is highly anticipated that these single-cell omics prospects would revolutionize our capacity to comprehend the scope of omics diversity present in our biological systems.

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