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WDRC 2024
The 9th World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference 2024 (WDRC 2024)
Welcome to the 9th World Disability and Rehabilitation Conference 2024, which will take place from September 02nd to 03rd 2024 in Bali, Indonesia (Hybrid Platform).
Theme: “Awareness, Inclusiveness, Accessibility in a Changing World – Learn how to take action supporting People with Disabilities in a world with geopolitical, climate, and immigration changes”
WDRC 2024 is a collaborative hub designed to unite academicians, professionals, policymakers, and scholars, facilitating the exchange of insights and experiences to advance disability studies and global rehabilitation efforts. Emphasizing active engagement from the global south, the conference is dedicated to empowering students and professionals by providing substantial opportunities to enhance their resources and networks, thereby fostering their crucial role in the ongoing development and enhancement of global disability studies and rehabilitation practices.
Conference Main Tracks
Disability Rights and Advocacy
Assistive Technology and Innovation
Health Systems and Social Protection
Education, Employment, and Entrepreneurship
Mental Health and Well-being
Sports, Recreation, and Accessible Design
Aging, Disability, and Geriatric Rehabilitation
Disaster Risk Reduction and Humanitarian Action
Technology and Smart Living
Rehabilitation and Therapy

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

02 Sep - 03 Sep 2024, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm