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The Undergraduate Consortium at KDD 2024 (KDD-UC) is an initiative that endeavors to expand and enhance the participation of undergraduate students of diverse backgrounds in research pertaining to knowledge discovery from data. Towards that goal, the KDD-UC will:

Provide an undergraduate research paper submission track which will be used to both provide critical feedback to undergraduate students on their ongoing research projects and select a subset of students that will be provided financial assistance to attend and present their work at KDD 2024.
Organize student paper and poster presentations at KDD 2024, along with participating reviewers that will provide additional feedback on talks.
Match participating students with academic and industry mentors that can provide them feedback on current or future research project ideas, along with overall career advice.
Organize a panel focused on rewards and potential challenges of different research career pathways, including graduate school/PhD, research labs, and industry.

The KDD-UC will accept paper submissions from only undergraduate students (they should be the primary authors of the paper, and other authors and their advisor can be co-authors). Students exploring a career in data science research are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to students who identify with groups traditionally underrepresented in the field of computing and/or students who have limited resources related to graduate school at their home institutions.

Target Audience
The aim of the KDD-UC is to broaden the participation of undergraduate students from different backgrounds in research pertaining to knowledge discovery from data by providing mentorship and support for the conference experience. We especially invite students who self-identify as underrepresented groups in computing, students from primarily undergraduate institutions, and students who have limited resources for research and graduate school at their home institutions.

The target audience for the KDD-UC is current undergraduate students who:

Have worked on a data science research project in one aspect of the data science lifecycle including but not limited to: data cleaning and preparation, data transformation, mining, inference, learning, explainability, data privacy, and dissemination of results.
Have genuine interest in pursuing graduate studies involving data science research.
Are in need of support and feedback from a mentor and data science community for their interest in pursuing data science research after graduation.

Students who were not enrolled in an undergraduate program in the 2023-2024 academic year are not eligible for the Undergraduate Consortium.

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25 Aug - 29 Aug 2024, All Day

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