SOLID-STATE BATTERY TECH 2023 Exhibition and Conference Marriott Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA, Los Angeles

  • EV battery economic outlook and industry forecasts
    Understand the key market drivers for the EV battery industry from a global perspective and explore new techniques to advance solid-state design specifically for electric vehicles.
  • Exploring new advancements in solid-state battery technologies
    Evaluate the current drawbacks in solid-state design, such as electrode compression retention, solid electrolyte thermal behavior, and power density decline, along with the solutions currently under research.
  • Latest research in solid electrolyte materials for improving safety and performance
    Explore innovations in solid electrolyte materials and compare the performance of polymer and oxide electrolytes to enhance electrolyte-to-electrode interface stability.
  • New manufacturing processes and technical know-how to achieve economies of scale
    Gain insights from leading manufacturers and implement strategies to reduce material and manufacturing costs to $100/kWh through reliable and scalable processes.
  • Case studies and application of various designs of solid-state batteries in EVs
    Examine case studies on the applications of solid-state batteries in pure electric and hybrid electric vehicles on a global scale and their performance feedback.
  • Upcoming regulations and safety standards for the EV battery industry
    Hear from key regulators and classification bodies to ensure EV Batteries meet the requirements of new regulations and industry standards.