SMART GRIDS 2023 Exhibition and Conference Marriott Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, California, USA, Los Angeles

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  • Market fundamentals for power systems and grid infrastructure
    Understand the economic fundamentals of control, distribution, and bulk power grid planning and operations.
  • New advancements in power generation, storage, and integration
    Evaluate the flexibility of power systems for energy storage and grid integration with renewables and other Distributed Energy Resources (DER).
  • Engineering know-how in grid transformation and power utilization
    Assess the technical and operational aspects of distribution grid transformation and the current and future state for smarter energy usage.
  • Supporting the industry through energy policies and development
    Be the first to hear about regulatory, technology, and utility experiences. Review the ongoing initiatives and assess the benefits.
  • Distribution automation, advanced monitoring, and cybersecurity
    Explore the latest advances in technology solutions for real-time awareness, cyber resiliency, and rapid restoration through digitization.
  • Grid reliability, resiliency, and efficiency across North America
    Scope out new opportunities for improving grid reliability using various technologies to make grids more efficient.




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