Today a handful of corporations control 90% of the world’s data and IT infrastructure and we are expected to trust them. OpenD/I is a non-profit initiative and a dedicated tech summit that will bring together a global convergence of innovators, thinkers, and change-makers in the tech industry. This event aims to bring awareness of the significance and urgencies around concentrated power over our data, and the IT infrastructure that will be pivotal in shaping the next 10-20 years of our society. 

In the past, Information asymmetry has led to social inequality, scandals, polarization, and corruption. Often, it has even led to war. Centralized data control is a potential chokepoint for innovation, privacy concerns, and a bottleneck for the free flow of data.

The Bigger Picture

We picture a world where data is out in the open, decentralized and benefits everyone; not just a chosen few. This isn’t solely about technology, but rather shaping the next 10-20 years of the internet, preserving democracy, and ensuring a free flow of information for generations to come.