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SAE Media Group’s Helicopter Technology Central and Eastern Europe 2023 conference is returning for its 8th successful year on the 17 – 18 May 2023 in Prague, Europe.

This is the only event that provides a regional focus on Eastern European nations seeking to develop and modernise their fleets, in addition to NATO and international insights into cooperation and interoperability priorities across the region.

As Central and Eastern Europe continue to be a key focus for defence equipment upgrades, the rotary fleet remains a key asset in both domestic and international military operations. Therefore, a focused conference is essential to ensure continued advancement of capability, equipment, and joint interoperability.
Rotary platforms remain a key asset for supporting operations on land, sea, and air. But due to the increasing distinct pressures faced by legacy rotary platforms of the Central and Eastern Europe states, NATO’s Eastern Flank faces a critical juncture for maintaining effectiveness across all operational capabilities supported by their fleets. Therefore, our focused regional conference provides a unique forum to ensure the continued sustainment, cost-effective modernisation, and interoperability of helicopter technology in the region.

1. Key regional briefings from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, and Romania
2. Hear from experts and senior programme managers from the USA, Germany, Italy, and the Netherlands
3. Multinational perspectives covered from rotary wing leaders from the NSPA, OCCAR-EA, the MHTC, and the MATC
4. A unique focus on multipurpose helicopter technology and joint force interoperability
5. Informal networking time to gather insights from peers and colleagues also shaping and influencing regional helicopter programmes

Air Force Commanders, Deputy Air Force Commanders and operational level Commanders of key helicopter programmes and air wings will be discussing high-level topics such as platform modernisation and upgrades, regional cooperation and interoperability, national security priorities, the challenges of integrating new platforms, and much more.

EB2 – £200 – 28 Feb 2023
EB3 – £100 – 31 Mar 2023

17 May - 18 May 2023, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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General Admission: GBP 1999.00, Early Bird 2: GBP 1799.00, Early Bird 3: GBP 1899.00