Global Health Summit 2023 Seoul, Republic of Korea, Seoul

The Global Health Association cordially invites you to the prestigious Global Health Summit 2023, set to transpire from December 04-05, 2023, in Seoul, Republic of Korea. This groundbreaking summit aims to converge distinguished professionals, researchers, policymakers, and delegates from around the world, fostering collaborative dialogues and advancements in the realm of global health.

An array of enriching activities awaits attendees: • Research Submission: Scholars and practitioners are encouraged to share their original research and case studies, contributing to the collective knowledge of global health. This platform offers a prime opportunity to showcase your work and engage with the global health community.

• Interactive Posters: Accepted abstracts will find a platform as posters during dedicated sessions, facilitating insightful discussions and networking opportunities among peers.

• Immersive Participation: Delegates gain full access to summit sessions, panel discussions, keynote speeches, and workshops. The summit will delve into various vital subjects, including infectious diseases, healthcare infrastructure, public health policies, and health equity.

Your invaluable insights promise to elevate the summit’s discourse and outcomes significantly.


⌛ Event Dates & Venue

04 Dec - 05 Dec 2023, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm