Group Futurista, the leading global event company, has announced its ‘Future of Fraud Management for FI’ summit on 21st September, 2022 at 9:00 AM (EST), New York, US. It will be a unique platform with interesting knowledge sessions. An intuitive panel discussion will take place between all the honored speakers discussing ‘ ‘Future of Fraud Management in Businesses in 2022: Trends that we can’t afford to miss’. Valuable insights will be provided by our respected speakers on topics like ‘Ad Fraud, Money Fraud, Payroll Fraud, Pretexting, Smishin, Internal fraud , External Fraud’. In this event, you’ll get to know a lot of things regarding the Future of Fraud Management for FI and how we can create A.I. for Financial Fraud. Apart from this, the event will include a knowledgeable discussion on Credit & Lending Fraud Management and Kyc & Client Lifecycle Management.

In today’s time, fraud management is one of the main areas of action and prevention in both private companies and public organisations. Basically, this concept implies a strong commitment to prevention and to implementing fraud management solutions that avoid the risk brought by unplanned situations. Moreover, fraud risk management limits the fraud risk that may arise from the company’s normal activities and operations and reduces its harmful consequences. Also, fraud management and prevention activities should be framed within the company’s risk management rulebook. Undoubtedly, fraud is one of the main risks faced by companies in the banking and financial industry due to the nature of their operations.

Get to know a lot more about the same by attending the event! We would like to mention and thank our Platinum Sponsor, HUMAN, Gold Sponsors, BioCatch and Symphony Ayasdi and Media Partners UTODAY, Council, ACUITY Market Intelligence and The AI Journal for the ‘Future of Fraud Management for FI’ event

About Platinum Sponsor HUMAN
Our Platinum Sponsor, HUMAN has grown into the company of consequence they are today, verifying the humanity of 15 trillion interactions a week. They use modern defense to safeguard organizations from both attacks and fraud, increasing ROI and trust while decreasing customer friction, data contamination and cybersecurity exposure.

About Gold Sponsor BioCatch
Our Gold Sponsor, BioCatch delivers actionable behavioral insights to create a world of trust and ease across the entire digital identity lifecycle from account origination to monitoring online sessions and beyond.

About Gold Sponsor Symphony Ayasdi
Our Gold Sponsor, Symphony Ayasdi is the world’s most explainable, transparent and trusted business and risk discovery platform. Their team is unhindered by distance, working collaboratively to provide products of the highest caliber. Their sole mission is to supercharge financial institutions to overcome their financial crime challenges. Their success over the years has been rewarded with recognition from leading industry partners.

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Group Futurista is a leading Global Events Company creating its own emerging Technology Summits, where creativity fosters and innovations flourish.

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