Complete this 4 week course & get certified on Cognilytica’s comprehensive, internationally recognized approach to ethical & responsible AI


AI systems have the potential to provide great value, but also the potential to cause great harm. Knowing how to build or use AI systems is simply not going to be enough. You need to know how to build, use, and interact with these systems ethically and responsibly.

Complete this course and get certified on Cognilytica’s comprehensive, internationally recognized approach to ethical and responsible AI. At the end of this four (4) week virtual course that will take place on TUESDAYS in JANUARY 2022, attendees will:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of boundaries for what is acceptable and not acceptable use of AI technology
  • Understand methods, practices and processes by which AI systems can be implemented to fulfill governance, documentation, measurement, and mitigation
  • Learn the necessary aspects to turn abstract ethical AI concepts into practical implementation actions.
  • Be able to prove their knowledge of necessary elements of ethical and responsible AI systems

This training and certification has no prerequisites, and is appropriate for people with different roles and levels of expertise. This course is valuable for anyone who wants to learn how to do AI right and show to others your knowledge and ability to implement ethical & responsible AI systems.

Governments and major enterprise organizations around the world, including the The US Department of Defense (DoD), are now requiring ethical and responsible AI practices. This certification by a well respected, thought leading vendor-neutral firm will be proof that your organization has been certified on what it means to build AI in a responsible and ethical way.

In this Ethical and Responsible AI Training and Certification, using Cognilytica’s well-regarded Ethical and Responsible AI framework, attendees will be certified on their ability to:

  • Address fears and concerns about AI
  • Keep the human in the loop
  • Understand differences between Ethical AI vs Responsible AI
  • Deep dive into Transparent AI
  • AI Governance best practices
  • Responsible Data practices
  • Insights into Interpretable and Explainable AI (XAI)
  • Understand emerging laws and regulations for AI
  • Address issues of bias and human induced error

What’s included for all enrolled trainees as part of the certification course:

  • INCLUDED: Customizable, Comprehensive Ethical & Responsible AI Framework
  • INCLUDED: Certification upon successful completion of course to display credentials on website and social media with Digital certificate provided.
  • INCLUDED: Replay of virtual sessions available for up to 3 months after course completion
  • INCLUDED: Worksheets and exercises for ethical and responsible AI considerations
  • INCLUDED: Inclusion in Cognilytica’s register of certified Ethical and Responsible AI professionals.


You understand the importance of building AI with a responsible mindset

You understand fears and concerns around AI and how to address them

Understand how to build and use AI capabilities to fulfill their intended functions

Understand safety, security and effectiveness of such capabilities

And MOST importantly: A third-party certification gives you the necessary endorsement and backing to your AI and advanced data efforts as increasingly required by government and enterprise customers.

GET YOUR COMPANY ENDORSED: Organizations with at least 10 individuals certified will be listed in Cognilytica’s register of Ethical and Responsible AI Certified Organizations shared with government and enterprise AI implementers.