AUTOMOTIVE HMI 2024 Exhibition and Conference Detroit,Michigan , USA, Detroit,

Future of HMI and UX design, emerging trends, and market outlook
Understand the market fundamentals and key drivers for HMI and UX design from a global perspective.
Exploring new technologies in IoT, connectivity and the intelligent cockpit
Look for new opportunities and make the business case for adopting new technologies and techniques to develop next-generation automotive applications.
New advancements in human-centered design for enhanced driver experience
Gain insight from leading manufacturers and developers and implement strategies that others in the industry use to ensure better user experiences.
Latest research in AI, augmented and virtual reality for next-generation vehicles
Explore new innovations and assess the latest results in artificial intelligence and machine-learning to enable augmented and virtual reality applications in the future.
Enhancing cybersecurity protocols for connected and automated vehicles
Hear from regulators and safety bodies to ensure that connected and automated vehicles meet cybersecurity requirements and industry standards.
Automotive manufacturer case studies and working with leading developers
Gain insight from leading manufacturers and implement strategies to accelerate HMI and UX architecture for future vehicles.

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

10 Apr - 11 Apr 2024, All Day