The mRNA Conference 2023, Conference Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Boston

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  • The future of mRNA-based therapeutics beyond infectious disease
    Hear about innovations, the limitless future of mRNA therapeutics, and a new class of drugs.
  • Latest advancements in mRNA formulation and delivery technologies
    Learn about delivering the messenger and technological advancements for therapeutic mRNA delivery from concept to clinical reality.
  • Breakthrough research in personalized mRNA treatments and immunotherapy
    Understand the most recent advancements in technologies towards personalized, tumor-specific, mRNA therapeutic vaccines for cancer.
  • Blockchain technology for mRNA-based therapeutics supply chain solutions
    Gain insight into the blockchain-enabled pharmaceutical cold chain and supply chain transparency through blockchain-based traceability.
  • Challenges and bottlenecks in the global manufacturing of mRNA vaccines
    Explore the latest innovative and rapid development and deployment of high‐volume vaccines for pandemic responses.
  • Regulatory and healthcare considerations in mRNA-based clinical development
    Learn the key regulatory and commercial considerations to approve and accept mRNA-based therapeutics to treat diseases.


Event Dates & Venue

28 Aug - 29 Aug 2023, All Day