The Immuno-Oncology Summit Boston 2023 Seaport Hotel Boston, Boston

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Over the past 11 years, CHI’s Immuno-Oncology Summit has become the leading annual meeting focusing on the next wave of biotherapeutics, advances in technologies, and the valuable exchange of high-quality research from all disciplines of immuno-oncology. CHI’s IO Summit provides access to a comprehensive 3-day program for participants to evaluate bi- or multi-specific biotherapeutics, explore the latest developments in existing and emerging cellular therapies, develop predictive preclinical models for translational strategies and appraise AI and computational tools for the discovery of new targets, target classes, and combinations to overcome resistance. Every year, we assemble an international mix of thought leaders and decision makers from industry and academia to bring you the latest developments in immuno-oncology, so, together, we continue to align as a formidable force against cancer. Additionally, the progressive venue provides extensive networking and collaborative opportunities to enable teams to focus on their goals as they advance our understanding of the immune system to provide next generation immunotherapies to all patients.

Event Dates & Venue

07 Aug - 09 Aug 2023, 8:00 am - 2:00 pm