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Are you stuck in lockdown? Or just too tired to attend a physical conference? Either way, the good thing is that the curiosity and the passion for learning are there.
To keep your passion alive, Eventstopten presents you the list of top virtual conferences to attend this year:

Learn To Do Zero Cost Marketing
In 2020, nearly 378 billion dollars were spent on digital marketing. And the figure is expected to hit the 645 billion dollars mark by 2024. With such staggering figures, is the idea of zero-cost marketing even possible?

That’s what you’ll learn at this conference. The conference is essentially a self-paced online workshop where you’ll learn what goes into making a zero-cost marketing strategy, which is a lifesaver for small businesses with tight budgets. Everything from the website to content creation and advertising to automation will be covered in this best virtual conference for marketing.

Although it’s named zero cost marketing, the course itself costs only $50. You can see further details of the event here.


DigiMarCon At Home 2022 – Digital Marketing, Media and Advertising Conference
DigiMarCon At Home 2022 is the best virtual conference to master the art of digital marketing. It’ll be a brief conference spanning two days, but it’ll consist of notable instructors that’ll help you hone your digital marketing skills in the following ways:

1. You’ll gain insights on proven, time-tested strategies to level up your digital marketing skills.
2. It’ll help you build a professional network consisting of thought leaders and peers from all around the world.

This invaluable skill is taught at a value of $147. It covers some of the highly effective marketing techniques like content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, web analytics, and sales and marketing automation.

Click here to book your spot at the event.


Targeting RNA Structure As A Therapeutic Strategy
The virtual event is hosted by BOC Sciences, a pharmaceutical giant. The theme of the event is RNA, its components, and how they can be used to our advantage. The mentioned topics will be covered by a Harvard Medical School faculty member, Silvia Ruskin. As an assistant professor in the microbiology department, her expertise lies in dissecting the RNA structure to design novel therapeutic strategies to fight off viral infections. 

Given the current scenario, RNA is a hot topic, particularly because it’s a key component of the COVID-19 vaccine. Attending the conference will give you an idea of how the RNA structure of the virus was exploited to make the vaccine. And you’ll learn how this can be beneficial against viruses other than Covid. 

So, if medical sciences are what gets you excited, this might just be the best virtual conference for you, where you’ll get to see the fusion of microbiology and genetics. Click here to learn more about the event.


Fintech Asia Summit 2022
Fintech Asia Summit 2022, hosted by Shanmathy Karthik, is a virtual gathering of top leaders in the global financial community. The panel consists of 25+ visionary speakers that’ll have their say on the future of fintech and its latest trends and developments. 
Fintech refers to the use of technology for innovating the traditional banking system. Online funds transfer, payments, data, and financial management are some of the noteworthy products of fintech. And since it’s all about the digitalization of the banking sector, it’s no wonder that the industry has gathered 105 billion U.S. dollars in investment since the onset of the pandemic in 2020. 
So, if you’re struggling to manage your finances during the pandemic, join this virtual conference to learn how fintech solutions can help drive the growth of your business.


Mark Your Calendars
The above-mentioned events are some of the best virtual conferences of the year 2022. But if you didn’t see what you were looking for, there’s more where they came from. Head over to EventsTopTen to discover the events of your interests happening virtually or in your vicinity.

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