The 8th Vietnam Textile Summit 2022 Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City


Over the past two years, Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry has been facing difficulties due to the Covid situation and disruption of the global supply chain, leading to a temporary closure of many companies. Yet with all restrictions have been lift up, Vietnam’s textile and garment industry has witnessed stable growth despite the pandemic, recording an export turnover of $8.84 billion in the first quarter of 2022 with an increase of 22.5 percent over the same period last year.
With increasingly producing and investment in Vietnam, the market for apparel and textile is blooming again. Manufacturers are seizing opportunities and working with partners to tap into the growth potential of the world’s textile and garment market. Among them, Vietnam’s textile exports to major export markets such as the United States, Europe, and Japan have achieved positive growth.
In the meantime, we are still facing many challenges. Despite the strong development of the supporting industries in recent years, a large amount of raw materials is still imported. As well as the labor shortage caused by the pandemic, post – Covid recovery and the challenges from the global supply chain, climate change, and ever-changing trade environment. How Vietnam’s textile and apparel industry will go from here, we will find out at this summit.

Summit Time/ Address
September 22-23,2022/ Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

20 + Industry-leading enterprise intelligence sharing
100 + Participants
On-site networking with industry leaders and leading-edge enterprises
Best case studies of supply chain for resilience, agility and sustainability in Asia

Hot topics
Policy Analysis for Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry and Outlook for 2040
Value Chain Impacts for Textiles Consumption in the EU and Related Policies
Trade & Tax: The Trend of Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry Under the Impact of USA & China
Road to Recovery: Post Pandemic Business Outlook in Vietnam
Challenges and Opportunities for Global Supply Chain and How It’s Going to Affect Vietnam Textile and Apparel Industry
Under the Background of Industrial 4.0, Will Digital Transformation Help Vietnam Recover from Covid -19 and Grow Faster
Integrating Value Chain Approaches to Determining BAT (Best Available Techniques) for Industrial Installations
Speed to Market: How to Do it More with Less and Do it Faster
Panel Discussion: Under the New Global Trade Environment, How Will Manufactures and Brands Work Together to Build a More Resilience Supply Chain
Big Data Analytics for Manufacturing
Post Covid Sourcing Strategy: What Should We Prepare for Sourcing in Vietnam and SEA
Development of Eco-friendly Materials and Technologies to Adapt to Global Sustainable Fashion Trends
Rethinking Business Models for the Fashion Industry: Environmental and Value Chain

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22 Sep - 23 Sep 2022, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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