The 2nd China Hydrogen Summit 2023 Shanghai,China, Shanghai,China

At a time when global climate issues are coming to the fore, decarbonization of the energy system is the key to sustainable development. Hydrogen, with the characteristics of wide source, clean, safe, controllable, and so forth, will become the key to decarbonize the energy system. Many governments around the world have developed many policies to stimulate the development and application of hydrogen. For example, in China, hydrogen and fuel cells are expected to play an important role in achieving the country’s official commitment to be carbon neutral by 2060, and have been incorporated into many economic development plans and policies. At present, the development of the hydrogen industry is still faced with urgent problems such as higher costs, less mature technology and inadequate supporting facilities, which need the participation of the whole industry chain to jointly promote the future commercialization and landing of the hydrogen industry.


The 2nd China Hydrogen Summit 2023 will focus on the latest progress of hydrogen production technology, hydrogen’s commercial applications in steel, chemical, automotive and energy storage, industry market dynamics and policy analysis. Analyse the hydrogen industry from all aspects, providing the industry insiders with a clearer picture of the direction of development and potential opportunities to make better use of hydrogen and achieve truly low-carbon sustainable development for all societies.

16 Mar - 17 Mar 2023, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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