Targeted Intracellular Delivery Summit Hilton Boston Back Bay, Boston



It has long been understood that the ability to deliver therapeutic cargos to cytosolic sites of action in target tissue could unlock access to previously undruggable targets, whilst enabling the development of safer and efficacious drugs.

Now, advances in nanomedicine technology, the LNP-enabled mRNA vaccine and modern medicine’s shift towards a more personalized model are fuelling excitement amongst drug developers as they position their pipelines towards utilizing novel delivery systems which effectively engage previously elusive intracellular targets.

With mounting investments, industry collaborations and interest in leveraging next-generation nano vehicles, from LNP’s, liposomes, EV’s, polymeric nanoparticles (and beyond!), new avenues have been opened for optimizing the therapeutic index of novel pipelines, from antisense oligonucleotides, siRNA, mRNA and DNA delivery to peptide protein drugs.

07 Mar - 09 Mar 2023, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

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