Digitization and smartphone adoptions have widely democratised the way businesses used to think, plan and operate their business. It has fuelled business transformations, innovation, and customer experience which is necessary to navigate current market shifts and changing consumer preferences. This has also opened avenues for numerous big and small businesses to open doors – traditional and non-traditional, both. Businesses now no longer require to be physically present to sell to the global audience.

While COVID has crippled many businesses, it has immensely helped new, old and transformed digital businesses by warming up consumers towards a behavioural change with respect to shopping and paying online, more than ever. If organizations do not transform now, they will slowly disappear and vanish.

Who should attend ?

Executive leadership and Senior Management, who are involved in developing commercial excellence for their companies.

Industry – Software And Saas Companies, Subscription Businesses, Online Service Providers

Work Titles – CXO, President, EVP, SVP, VP, Director, Business Owners And Managers, Growth Hackers, E-commerce Managers, Marketing And Sales

Functional areas – Sales, Finance, Marketing, Pricing, Strategy

You should attend this Webinar, if

You are serious about achieving rapid growth for their business through digital systems and strategies

You are keen to create strong digital engagement for their business with a focus on engaging customers to achieve commercial outcomes

You feel like your business could greatly benefit from a refresher course in digital billing transformation

You wish to gain a better understanding of the issues involved in the digitalization of business processes and conserving digital data, or digital transformation in general

You wish to identify the right selection criteria for your business and make sense of a cluttered vendor landscape


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