Every revolution offers both risk and opportunity—and we are just at the beginning of an AI revolution that will affect every aspect of graphic design, writing, art, social media, publishing, and communication. As the saying goes: luck favors the prepared.

So join for The Design + AI Summit, an online event for human designers and marketers who want to thrive in the AI-powered future.

With 12 great sessions from internationally renowned experts, you will take away practical HOW-TO techniques to help you master a wide range of GenAI tools.

Topics Inlcude:

  • Discover best practices for fitting AI into your design workflow
  • Leverage the power of AI to create quality work more efficiently
  • Photoshop + AI: Tips for getting the most out of the tools
  • Using GenAI with InDesign and Illustrator
  • Understanding AI’s legal issues
  • Optimizing Adobe Firefly
  • Microsoft’s All-in on AI: PowerPoint, Designer, and more
  • GenAI video and audio for social media
  • Twenty AI resources and tools you need to try
  • Corporate brand identify and GenAI: Creating order from chaos
  • And more!