Reuters Momentum Hotel Van Zandt, Austin

The AI revolution has accelerated into an arms race. Leaders from every industry are grappling with how to harness its transformative power.

Yet with every breakthrough, headlines on misinformation, mismanagement, and misuse are eroding consumer trust, spiking safety fears and rocking stock prices. The proliferation of distrust threatens the very speed of transformation and undermines the potential of technology to improve lives.

At this inflection point, leadership must confront the risks that come with deploying such disruptive technology. In an unregulated and increasingly accessible field, it is imperative that the industry unites to create a roadmap that balances responsibility with huge commercial opportunity.

Reuters MOMENTUM is the only global stage to unify technologists, innovators, and policymakers to tackle trust head-on. Together, we will drive the responsible AI Revolution.

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11 Jul - 12 Jul 2023, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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General Admission: USD 1499.00

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