Patients (and their families) are at the heart of clinical research — without them there is no trial. Therefore, putting patients first should be critical within a clinical trial process. Yet 85 percent of all clinical trials fail to recruit enough patients and dropout rates are at all-time highs. Currently 80 percent of trials are delayed due to these challenges. “Patient Centricity” has become an industry buzz word that has been touted as the solution to help address some of these issues, but what does it actually look like in practice? How is it being implemented and where are the opportunities for improvement across all stakeholders — sponsors, CROs and sites?


In this webinar, featured speakers from Aldyera and ClinOne will share: Observations and trends on how the clinical trial industry is evolving to set patients up for success Practical strategies for incorporating patient voice into the design and execution of clinical studies Insights on how to actively listen to sites and patients in order to build trust and mutual respect Advice on identifying technology vendors that truly make the trial easier for patients and sites.


Join this webinar to hear diverse perspectives on how to inject compassion into a study, starting with protocol design and continuing with engagement throughout the course of the trial — putting patients first, setting them up for success and reducing dropout rates.

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31 Jan 2023, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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