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Positioned in the goldilocks spot between small molecules and biologics, peptide therapeutics have undergone an exciting uphill trajectory within the last decade. Fuelled by advances in synthesis and screening technologies, together with novel design and delivery strategies to surmount their inherent drawbacks, this modality is showing new levels of promise. The momentum behind this exciting modality is evidenced in the billion-dollar deals from industry giants such as Genentech and Merck, signalling a surge in interest from an expanding array of companies venturing into the field of next-generation peptide-based drugs.

The first industry-focused event dedicated towards this exciting new modality, the Peptide Based Therapeutics Summit will unite pioneers from Johnson and Johnson, Fog Pharma, Genentech and PeptiDream, spanning diverse diseases and therapeutic approaches. Whether you’re focused on peptide-drug conjugates, bicyclic or macro-cyclic peptides, PCSK9, GLP, or any other peptide based therapeutic, this is an invaluable opportunity to learn from peers, accelerate discovery and de-risk the development of your peptide therapeutics.

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23 Apr - 25 Apr 2024, 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

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Conference + 2 Workshops - Drug Developer Pricing : USD 4197.00, Conference + 1 Workshop - Drug Developer Pricing: USD 3598.00, Conference Only - Drug Developer Pricing: USD 2999.00, Conference + 2 Workshops - Solution Provider Pricing: USD 5097.00, Conference + 1 Workshop - Solution Provider Pricing: USD 4398.00, Conference Only - Solution Provider Pricing: USD 3699.00, Conference + 2 Workshops - Academic Pricing: USD 3597.00, Conference + 1 Workshop - Academic Pricing: USD 3098.00, Conference Only - Academic Pricing: USD 2599.00

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