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Comprehensive analytical support has been crucial to the global success of mRNA medicines. As drug development timelines become more demanding, accessing novel, optimised, and high-throughput analytical methods is essential to guarantee the approval and commercialisation of safe and effective mRNA therapeutics and vaccines.

The inaugural mRNA Analytical Development Summit Europe is the only industry-dedicated forum to showcase critical expertise and the latest techniques in optimised analytics for leading European biopharma. Taking place in Berlin this August, this meeting highlights the importance of advanced analytical approaches and adherence to regulatory requirements, as the European market continues to capitalise on these strategies.

Join the main industry players as they navigate through their case studies and share their experiences!

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29 Aug - 31 Aug 2023, 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

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Drug Developer Pricing - Conference + 2 Workshops: EUR 4446.00, Drug Developer Pricing - Conference + 1 Workshop: EUR 3623.00, Drug Developer Pricing - Conference Only: EUR 2799.00, Academic Pricing - Conference + 2 Workshops: EUR 3896.00, Academic Pricing - Conference + 1 Workshop: EUR 3148.00, Academic Pricing - Conference Only: EUR 2399.00, Solution Provider Pricing - Conference + 2 Workshops: EUR 5346.00, Solution Provider Pricing - Conference + 1 Workshop: EUR 4373.00, Solution Provider Pricing - Conference Only: EUR 3399.00