Orchid Kokedama workshop

Join Kodama Forest in learning how to make Japanese Kokedama’s. In this class, each person will make and take their own Kokedama with a living orchid.

The class fee includes all of the supplies needed to make your Orchid Kokedama, including moss, soils, and all other materials needed. 

Kokedama is a traditional Japanese Living Art form where moss is used as a container for a plant. In this interesting and hands-on workshop, you will learn the skills behind Kokedama how to make your very own kokedama.  Led by Kanako Yamada, owner of Kodama Forest.

Workshop participants receive:

* Full questions and answers from an expert, about this Japanese art form “Kokedama”.

* All of the supplies needed to make your unique Kokedama, including: one beautiful orchid plant, moss, soils, and all other materials needed.

* A unique, fun-to-make Kokedama that you can take home and enjoy, or give as a wonderful living .

16 Dec 2022, 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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