Operationalise: Early Access Programmes Europe Hilton London Canary Wharf, London

Early/Managed/Expanded access programmes in Europe have varying legislations and sponsor company interpretations adding a layer of complexity. This has created a need for a forum where companies can exchange ideas and learn from each other’s experiences in order to run successful EAPs across the continent. The 2nd Operationalise: Early Access Programmes Europe Summit is the only forum that will give you the actionable solutions to run access programmes the in 20+ European Countries. Dive deeper into real-world data collection, supply, and compliance, with dedicated sessions covering both ‘the big 5’ alongside Eastern European countries. Leave with questions answered and new ideas on setting up, running, and closing out access programmes.

The 2nd Operationalise Early Access Programmes Summit Europe continues to tackle the industry’s most pressing issues, around drug supply, regulatory harmonisation, real-world evidence collection, while also exploring emerging challenges such as reimbursement, integrating of pre- and post-trial access programmes and scoping.

With each speaker sharing the same desire to increase the access for patients, by sharing practical solutions to operational challenges, ensure that you are part of this timely conversation.

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16 Oct - 18 Oct 2023, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Drug Developers | Conference + 3 Workshops: GBP 3896.00, Drug Developers | Conference + 2 Workshops: GBP 3397.00, Drug Developers | Conference + 1 Workshop: GBP 2898.00, Drug Developers | Conference only: GBP 2399.00, Solution Provider | Conference + 3 Workshops: GBP 4646.00, Solution Provider | Conference + 2 Workshops: GBP 4097.00, Solution Provider | Conference + 1 Workshop: GBP 3548.00, Solution Provider | Conference only: GBP 2999.00

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