Hey, so what’s the tea about NFTs?

That’s where we come in. We’re serving REAL HIGH QUALITY tea – uncover what NFTs are really about through a series of live 1-on-1 workshops, catering to your desire to unlock new business opportunities and new customer segments through NFTs.

Join us on 5th May 7-10pm (GMT+8) OR 7th May 2-5pm (GMT+8) to actualize a life-changing business opportuni-tea! REGISTER HERE https://bit.ly/3vtiLRf

Through our workshop conducted by Andy Choi, Global Head of Innovation at Wildcats, you will:
• Understand what NFts are through everyday-way explanations
• Explore WHY people are buying NFTs
• Learn about creative uses of NFTs beyond art & culture, into community, business, sustainability etc
• Ideate on potential real-world outcomes of NFTs for your business
• Connect with like-minded learners and explorers to see how those ideas can be collaborated on

NFTs will be a gamechanging technology for how people interact, share, trade, and collaborate in future. New business models will be spawned by the usage of NFTs. Will you be able to tap on to it early, and be ahead of your peers and competitors before it’s too late?

Get ready for an interactive experience, one cup of NFTea at a time! Visit our website to find out more https://bit.ly/3Oow2TN

05 May - 07 May 2022, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm