Advanced Nano-materials are playing a vital in our daily lives due to their unique properties and extended applications in various industries. They are at the heart of many technological developments including biomaterials for better healthcare. Nanotechnology is being applied to many fields of science including biology, chemistry, physics and materials science in creating nanoscale materials to take advantage of their enhanced properties. Further research focusing on nanotechnology allows reporting and learning about new technologies developed and their applications in different fields of science.

The Research Catalyst is privileged to organize Nanotechnology Research Conference 2023 (NanoResCon2023) to be held during March 23-25, 2023 in Rome, Italy. The conference aims at sharing new ideas, possibilities, and latest technological advances among students, professionals, researchers, scientists and industrialists in the field of nanotechnology for providing better solutions to everyday challenges. The theme of the conference focuses on recent innovations and applications in Nanotechnology and includes technical sessions and interactive discussions.

The conference will discuss how nanotechnology helps in engineering practical systems at nanoscale to help different fields of engineering and science. Major breakthroughs in these fields and the role of nanotechnology to raise the bar in the scientific field will be the major goal of discussions and sessions of the conference.

Discussions and debates will be centered on advancements in nanotechnology and will allow participants to explore, study and share their knowledge to raise the living standards of people. Participants will also have the advantage of meeting renowned speakers of international stature on the subject and will have an opportunity to enhance their professional goals.

The conference encourages exchange of ideas and knowledge across multiple disciplines of nanotechnology and includes plenary, keynote lectures, video and poster presentations, workshops and exhibitions.

23 Mar - 25 Mar 2023, All Day

Ticket pricing starts from: