Inflation Proof Your Business Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, Fort Lauderdale

There is no doubt we are entering uncertain times. Instead of shying away from marketing or promoting defensive techniques, we are putting on a 90-minute lunch and learning how to go on the offensive and make sure your business is inflation-proof. The current state of the economy only cements the need to strengthen your marketing so your business can stand out amongst your competitors, attract new clients and keep your current clients buying from you. In a sea of sloppy and oversaturated marketing tactics, your business has a real opportunity to shine and ensure that it thrives during times when people are hesitant to spend. During this 90-minute seminar, we will teach you 7 tried and true marketing strategies that work for companies like Apple and Amazon as well as savvy small business owners.

You will learn…

• What Social Media Platforms Can Actually Attract Clients without Paid Ads

• How to Maximize Ad Campaigns to Generate an ROI

• How to Utilize Re-Targeting to Capture Your Warmest Leads

• How to Optimize Your Website to Ensure Visitors Stay and Convert

• The Best Non-Digital Strategies that Work In These Times

• How to Own Your Audiences and Hyper Personalize Your Content to Attract Your Ideal Prospects


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