HER2-Targeted Therapies Summit 2023 Hilton Boston Logan Airport, Boston

The HER2 space continues to storm ahead of other oncology fields due to the overwhelming success of Enhertu and the continued satisfaction with Herceptin. As we enter 2023, the field shows no sign of slowing down and it is turning its attention to non-breast cancer types where Anti-HER2 therapeutics are already making massive strides. It’s not just ADCs either like the aforementioned successes; multispecific antibodies, cell therapy, and radiopharmaceuticals are bringing strong results for patients with various cancer types at various clinical stages. Demonstrating that there are many stones still unturned and plenty of opportunity still out there for developers with HER2 in mind.

This is the one-stop-shop for all challenges HER2. Tackle the challenges at the heart of treating HER2-expressing breast cancer and non-breast tumors. Overcome the development challenges to advance therapeutics of all varieties quickly through your pipeline, ADCs, immunotherapies, and radiopharmaceuticals alike.

Accompanying you from preclinical through to post-approval indication agnostic trials, this meeting has been designed to enable the field to expand the clinical utility of HER2 as a multi-tumor target with a multiple modality approach and an aspiration to push beyond the boundaries of breast cancer.

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30 Oct - 01 Nov 2023, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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