He Yong Gan Cup TC Martial Arts Tournament Sporthal Zuiderpark, Apeldoorn

The He Yong Gan Cup is a Dutch Open tournament for the Chinese Martial Arts. Different styles like: Shaolin Kungfu, Southern Chinese Kung Fu, Sanda, Sanshou Chinese Kickboxing, Tai Chi Chuan and Pushing Hands. This legendary event will be open to athletes and fighter from all over. The He Yong Gan Cup is organised by Frederik Jan J√ľngen and Wesley Broekhuis who both are students of Shaolin Kungfu Apeldoorn He Yong Gan Martial Arts in Apeldoorn the Netherlands. To all athletes and fighters sign up now and become part of this legendary tournament in the Netherlands. The power is yours when you participate at the TCMA Tournament: The He Yong Gan Cup.

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He Yong Gan Cup

Phone: +31 6 82081960

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02 Jul 2022, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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