Guided Relaxation (Virtual) Women’s Drum Center, St. Paul

Instead of leaning forward and staring at the screen while sitting at a desk, Beth invites you to choose the most comfortable chair, recliner, or couch in your space, sit or lie back, close your eyes, and enjoy a time for relaxation and recharging. She will be using both physical and imaginative techniques to calm the mind and body. This will be a “learning by doing” experience — leaving you feeling relaxed and empowered to reproduce the effects on your own time.

Overview of the Virtual Session: 

  • Opening: Shake It Off

    Before inviting in positivity and relaxation, it is helpful to shake off any excess tension, pressure, and/or frustration you may be feeling. As we move our bodies to “shake it off”, the wonderful sounds of drumming will help us release negativity and prepare us for the guided relaxation training session.

  • Breathing Exercise: Soothing Rhythm

    This breathing technique will help you find your own soothing, comforting rhythm.

10 Dec 2022, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm