Global AMR Summit 2023 conference Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Boston

  • The future of drug development and vaccines to combat infections
    Understanding the mechanisms and drivers of antimicrobial resistance and fighting antimicrobial resistance through novel antimicrobials and vaccines.
  • New developments in protein folding to curb antimicrobial resistance
    Explore more about the omics of antimicrobial resistance and disrupting extra cytoplasmic protein folding as molecular tools to fight antimicrobial resistance.
  • Latest research in antimicrobial photodynamic therapy as a molecular tool
    Assessing the advances in photodynamic antimicrobial chemotherapy by conjugating biomaterials with photosensitizers as a molecular tool for antimicrobial resistance.
  • The role of AI in the design and development of next-generation antimicrobials
    Looking at the role of artificial intelligence in advancing the design and discovery of novel artificial antimicrobials.
  • Advances in antimicrobial peptides and the development of novel antibiotics
    Achieve a deeper understanding of drug repurposing in the development developing of novel antimicrobials, antimicrobial peptides, and quorum-sensing inhibitors as future strategies in antibacterial agent design.
  • Global surveillance programs and stewardship platforms to control AMR
    Learn how surveillance programs and stewardship platforms can drive change in AMR and the importance of collaboration with politicians and policymakers to control AMR.
16 May - 17 May 2023, All Day