Future Genomics 2023 conference Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Boston

The fundamentals of next-generation sequencing and predictive genomics
Understanding how the sequence of a genome is being used for predictive medicine in clinical diagnostics and epidemiological studies.

New technologies and techniques in genomics and companion diagnostics
Look for the latest developments in laboratory equipment and testing for clinical decision-making by expert analysts, physicians, and molecular pathologists.

Latest research and studies in genomic biomarker-based clinical trials
Explore new innovations in multigene markers that predict diseases more accurately than classical methods and can be used for translational therapeutics.

New developments in multi omics technologies and precision medicine
Future integration of multiomics to facilitate a paradigm shift to personalized medicine, as well as reference-free analysis, lineage tracing, identifying new cell types, and deciphering the regulatory mechanisms between omics.

Advances in companion diagnostics for immuno-oncology therapies
Facilitate collaboration between pharma and diagnostic companies and bring together immuno-oncologist and translational experts to review the tools and strategies to advance immunotherapies.

Towards a genomics-based, real-time, global surveillance system
Enabling international genomics collaboration for global health security by monitoring pathogen evolution and massive population-level projects.

22 Mar - 23 Mar 2023, All Day