Enneagram for Actors, Writers and Makers Bodlondeb Studio and Retreat, Corwen

What is “Understanding your mind”?

To understand your mind and the thought process of others we use The Enneagram. The Enneagram is a powerful model for understanding the archetypal patterns of human nature. A blend of modern psychology and ancient insights, it has profound depth, and can be thought of as a developmental map of 9 interconnected personality types.

This collaborative retreat blends Stephanie’s exceptional skills in coaching and developing creative professionals, with Henrie’s deep study and long experience of applying and teaching The Enneagram. This deep and gentle journey will give you a richer understanding of yourself, and your creative process. It will also ease stress and can transform even long-standing blocks, and insecurities. It will allow you to dive deeply in to the psyche of characters, whether you are writing them, playing them, directing or creating them.

What you’ll learn


• Know how to fully integrate into a character without struggling with yourself.

• Calmer auditioning, extending your casting bracket, finding a more embodied and truthful character

• Bring grounding & presence to your work by knowing yourself deeply and trusting yourself and your skills.


• Balance your creativity with analysis without drifting into self doubt and procrastination.

Become disciplined without becoming tense.

• Quiet your inner critic and being able to write regardless of what your own life is throwing at you.

• Gain certainty, clarity, calm in a practical & supportive environment.


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10 Mar - 19 Mar 2024, 5:00 pm - 11:00 am

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