Direct Lithium Extraction 2023 Exhibition and Conference Marriott Redondo Beach Los Angeles, California, USA, Los Angeles

  • Future trends in lithium demand and the renewable transition
    Explore lithium’s market size and forecasts for electric vehicle batteries, consumer electronics, and industrial applications amid the global shift towards clean energy.
  • Technologies for direct lithium extraction to produce commercial-grade lithium
    Discover an array of technologies, including precipitants, solvent extractants, Li-ion sieves, membranes, battery-based electrochemical systems, electro-membrane-based electrochemical systems, and more.
  • Exploring lithium-rich brine resources in continental, geothermal, and oil & gas reservoirs
    Assess the potential for hydrogeological and hydrological lithium brine deposits and lithium extraction from produced water, geothermal water, and salt lake brine, considering the ideal ionic concentrations for efficient extraction.
  • Designing next-generation lithium extraction facilities to optimize production and minimize cost
    Learn about advanced construction technology and methods for efficient plant facilities and sequencing operations in direct lithium extraction.
  • Developing optimized materials and synthesis methods for large-scale Li production
    Evaluate cutting-edge solutions to enhance Li+ selectivity, separation efficiency, chemical stability, and Li+ recovery, and perform comprehensive techno-economic and life cycle analyses for advanced extraction technologies.