Captivate Leadership Communication Summit Jack\’s Urban Meeting Place, Boise

This FULL-DAY event equips you with the tools to expand your influence as an industry expert through effective speaking and communication skills. During this invigorating FULL-day summit, you will: Communicate. Collaborate. Activate.

The CAPTIVATE – Leadership Communication Summit is for those seeking powerful presentation skills to expand your reach as an industry expert and stand out as a collaborative leader. You have YEARS of professional (or entrepreneurial) experience and industry know-how and you are eager to use those skills more effectively to teach others and be in MORE CONTROL of your career path! You will learn essential techniques for public speaking and how to develop compelling presentations while gaining confidence in how you guide your teams.

Plus! Network with like-minded individuals and seasoned professionals.

Aspiring speakers, business owners, and thought-leaders who understand the power of excellent communication to create lasting, positive impact in their industry MUST ATTEND.

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

15 Nov 2023, 8:15 am - 5:15 pm

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