Blockchain Mania Hilton Convention Center, Embassy Manyata Business Park, Bangaluru. INDIA, Banglore

The purpose of the event is to bring together and engage the Indian crypto community – one of the largest and fastest-growing communities in the world – under one roof. The summit will aim to raise awareness about digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain-related opportunities in India, especially in Bangalore.

We not only aim to educate the masses, our users, and the community but also connect with regulators, media, and other stakeholders in the industry to openly discuss the Future of Digital Assets in Bangalore and beyond.

The event will be a conglomeration of like-minded enthusiasts, visionaries, entrepreneurs, leaders, and speakers from the blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital assets, and fintech world. The event would be focused on creating reverberations about the possibilities and Opportunities of Cryptocurrencies via sharing knowledge, discussing ideas, and helping to increase the rate of crypto adoption in the Indian subcontinent.

The event will be a wholesome experience for students, new users, and entrepreneurs still getting into cryptos and blockchain. They will be able to grasp the knowledge and insights in a professional setting and, at the same time, enjoy the opportunity of networking and learning.

This event will be Hosted by NonceBlox and LBank in Bangalore and will be heavily promoted online to the Indian crypto community outside Bangalore via event hosting sites, influencer activity, and digital advertising for attendees to join us online.