Key topics for 2023:

  • Market trends for the automotive industry and global supply chains
    Understand the key market drivers with an update on volumes of automobiles and auto components and their impact on supply chains from a global perspective.
  • Explore new technologies to enable smart logistics and warehousing automation
    Discover innovative technologies, such as IIoT, blockchain, and big data, in digitalizing the supply chain and warehouse material handling automation to optimize logistics processes.
  • Leverage E2E visibility of the supply chain for predictive and intelligent responses
    Evaluate innovations in managing the supply chain with total transparency, accountability, and contingency planning using end-to-end material traceability through ERP systems.
  • Advances in data analytics and digital twin for automotive supply chain and logistics
    Gain insights into smart supply chain models through digital twin technology for mapping and analyzing operational performance and on-time delivery.
  • Innovations in freight network management and reducing transportation costs
    Deliver reliable and scalable transportation methods using outsourcing strategies such as 3PL to optimize freight management with the right combination of air, land, and sea routes.
  • End-user case studies on specification requirements for reliable delivery
    Hear manufacturers discuss their transportation requirements and implement strategies peers in the industry use to manage delivery constraints.
19 Jul - 20 Jul 2023, All Day