AUSTIN API SUMMIT 2024 Hyatt Regency Austin, Austin

Explore 2024’s Global API Economy Success Factors
The Austin API Summit is back! We’re bringing together exceptional speakers to share insights into the dynamics of today’s API economy.

Join us in Austin to stay in-the-know new trends, explore a range of technologies, and pick up pro tips to bring back to your own projects. We’ll delve deep into API topics like strategy, API design, API management, and more. From assessing API definition formats, implementing API security protocols, learning new microservices architecture strategies, or determining what makes a successful API business venture, our speakers will highlight the latest in API best practices.

We’ll feature 40+ speakers across two tracks to discuss the many faculties of developing and sustaining a thriving API-first organization. We kick off on March 11 with hands-on workshops, followed by the main conference on March 12 and 13.

Topics discussed at our API conferences include:

• Foundations for constructing API-first platforms
•Technology trends in the design of APIs, including REST, GraphQL, gRPC, EDA, and more
• Case studies on API strategies being adopted across industries
• OAuth, OpenID Connect, and innovative techniques and tips for identity management
• OpenAPI, AsyncAPI, and other API definitions for streamlining development and usability
• Artificial intelligence and other emerging trends in the API space
• Monetization strategies for pricing public APIs
• Provisioning decisions when creating API-first platforms: Private, Partner, and Public APIs
• Crafting API developer portals with developer experience in mind
• Essential developer resources such as sandboxes, SDKs, code samples, and tutorials to onboard users
And much more

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

11 Mar - 13 Mar 2024, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm