The world’s population is soaring, reaching 8 billion in 2022 and expected to hit 10 billion by 2050. The pressing concern across the global fertilizer community is how to ensure food security for these numbers, and how to do so whilst meeting growing sustainability targets for the sector and in a world where fertilizer self-sufficiency has rapidly become essential.

The Argus Sustainable Fertilizer Americas conference will bring together the Americas fertilizer markets across a 2-day conference for in-depth discussion surrounding the central themes of sustainability, security, and affordability of fertilizer supply and management. Attendees can take advantage of an agricultural economy outlook, delve into case studies of the US and Brazil’s plans for fertilizer self-sufficiency and food security, discover how policy can incentivise sustainability across the fertilizer value chain and more to ensure their business is future-proof and at the cutting-edge of sustainability.

Topics to be discussed during the main conference include:

• The importance of sustainable fertilizer management and practice
• How to finance and build a sustainable fertilizer economy
• Case studies across the region of policy and companies pushing sustainability further in the fertilizer market
• Investigations into developments still needed to support sustainable fertilizer management.

and much more….

Networking opportunities
This conference aims to provide attendees with the latest insights on key sustainability initiatives and developments, while also creating a space for thought sharing and discussions on future solutions for the Americas fertilizer markets. Across the two days there will be frequent discussion breaks, lunch and a networking reception on 5 June. This event provides the best opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals working towards the shared goal of building a sustainable fertilizer market in the Americas.

⌛ Event Dates & Venue

05 Jun - 06 Jun 2023, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Main conference pass early bird expires 10 March: USD 1299.00, Main conference pass (group of 3) - early bird expires 10 March: USD 3313.00, Main conference pass (group of 5) - early bird expires 10 March: USD 5196.00, Main conference pass standard rate: USD 1499.00, Main conference pass (group of 3) standard rate: USD 3823.00, Main conference pass (group of 5) standard rate: USD 5622.00

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