The second workshop series of 2022 is around the corner.


Venus Mindfulness and Alignment, Venus the planet of beauty, love and all we value is traveling directly after 40 days retrograde (internal review) in Capricorn. Mindfulness Workshop with a worksheet and practice using your pendulum, muscle testing, or intuition.

Speaker: Lilly Lenna is Energy Practitioner and has been recognized internationally for her extraordinary commitment to community, interconnection and unity, assisting groups and individuals as an empowerment coach for over 25 years.

Key Takeaways: This hands-on workshop allows you to use your pendulum, muscle testing, or intuition to collect words from the downloaded worksheet of lists and Lilly Lenna will guide you through a meditation. Come into alignment with that which you love about your life! Explore some core issues… and you’ll have the worksheet and know how to do this on your own anytime you want to attune and meditate with Venus.

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30 Jan 2022, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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