75-hour course for ICF Level 3 Applicants 1317 Edgewater Dr. #884, Orlando

Powerhouse Coaching’s Level 3 program is a dynamic and highly-educational experience led by our founder, Master Certified Coach, Jennifer Powers.

Jennifer has been mentoring MCC applicants since 2019, and as a trained ICF Assessor and a Registered ICF Mentor Coach, she knows exactly what it takes to up level your coaching skills to earn your MCC.

If you’re ready to take the journey to become a Master Certified Coach, we can help you get there. Register below to secure your spot in an upcoming program.

39 SYNCHRONOUS HOURS (100% virtual via Zoom)

• Synchronous sessions will be delivered in English and are super-focused on understanding, embodying, and practicing the eight Core Comps.
• -Sessions are 90-minutes long (with the exception of four 2-hour Practice Clinics) and include a combination of instruction, facilitated discussion, coaching practice, and feedback.
• -The program also includes the required 7 hours of group mentor coaching + three hours 1:1 mentor coaching.
• Asynchronous hours include a combination of coaching, being coached, journaling, independent reading, plus listening to and reviewing a variety of MCC level coaching sessions.
• -Students create community outside of live sessions and share their findings via the Online Classroom discussion forum.
• -All course materials are delivered in English.
• -Students are paired with a “buddy” with whom they can find support, practice, and discuss, outside of class
Course Objectives
• Assist experienced coaches in understanding the nuances that distinguish MCC coaching from PCC
• Develop the coaches’ awareness of self and the shifts required to coach at the Master level
• Help coaches to find and bring their “Unique Coach Self” to the MCC coaching session
• Prepare coaches for a confident submission of their MCC application and recordings through tons of practice, self-reflection and feedback
• Expose coaches to a variety of MCC styles through approved coach recordings
• Support the sharing of knowledge and good mojo among cohort members
• MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure coaches know how much confidence we have in their ability to become a Master Certified Coach.

Taught by Jennifer Powers, MCC

Wednesdays – Starting October 11th, 2023
10 AM EST…4pm Central European Time
Tuition: $5,997 USD

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11 Oct - 14 Oct 2023, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

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