As law firms and legal organizations move through the pandemic, new questions are arising from understanding the needs of younger generational employees, to creating a common space shared between lawyers and legal professionals. Employers within the law/legal industry are now sharing the results of what works best for employee recruitment, wellness programming and how to address the silence that has been built around lawyers and wellness.

The Employee Wellness Summit for Legal Professionals tackles the strategies and initiatives to promote lawyer well-being. Whether it is a bigger or smaller firm, some employers are now looking to improve retention by further prioritizing wellness as a part of their benefits package. As other companies outside of the legal industry are also looking for ways to expand and include wellness into their benefits package. The pandemic has opened up so many other opportunities that new hires are more likely to apply to a firm that communicates their value through actions, this creates an image of having a coherent, resilient, and positive law firm culture.

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22 Feb - 23 Feb 2023, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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